Hi I’m Richard Zheng and I graduated from University of California, San Diego in December, 2017. I studied Computer Engineering but was mainly passionate about software development and stayed as far away as I could from hardware development. Currently I work at a startup called CyberSight Inc. as a Full-Stack developer, programming mainly in ReactJs and Nodejs. I am not a big fan of blogging but this site serves a completely different purpose. Throughout the past four to five years of coding, I have gone through many tutorials on Google and Stack Overflow to get to where I am now. One of the things I learned is that not everything is online and I had to figure out many implementations myself. That brings me to why I created this site. Yesterday I Learned consists of posts detailing the problems and obstacles I encountered and how I learned to solve them. For those of you who happened to come across of this little reference book of mine, I’d like to preface by saying that I am no expert, so do not think what I have here is the only “right way” to code. I welcome any suggestions and feedback on my code. That being said, feel free to browse through my library, I hope we can all learn from each other.